Coffee Liqueur

I have decided I need Coffee Liqueur in my life. I don’t know why, I just know I need some, and I want to make sure it doesn’t have corn syrup (shudder) in it.

However, the recipes I found online baffle me. They universally call for brewing the coffee in water, and then adding the requisite additional ingredients.  Why? Why wouldn’t you steep the coffee grounds directly in the high proof alcohol, like you would any other liqueur or bitter or other boozy homemade concoction?

Experiment time! I decided to riff on this recipe – half the ingredients to follow the recipe exactly (ish) and the other half to try the grounds directly in the booze.

Full disclosure: I also substituted high proof vodka for the light rum.  Friends, as much as I love rum, it does not return the sentiment.

Coffee Liqueur in Progress
Coffee Liqueur in Progress

Can you tell the difference between the two jars? (Without peeking at my scrawl notes on the lids, that is!)

More importantly, after the samples are done, will we be able to taste a difference? Stay tuned!