Wild Cherry Bark

Our wild cherry bark is the cut/sifted bark of Prunus virginiana.

Wild Cherry Bark (Prunus virginiana)
Wild Cherry Bark (Prunus virginiana)

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Historical Use

Wild cherry bark was used in medicinal tinctures to treat digestive and coughing disorders.

Recipes Using Wild Cherry Bark

  • Brad Thomas Parson’s Bitters includes three recipes that call for wild cherry bark, such as the Charred Cedar bitters.
  • Bitterman’s Field Guide to Bitters has five recipes which include wild cherry bark as an ingredient.
  • Many online bitters recipes, such as these, use wild cherry bark as a bittering agent.
  • Wild cherry bark is also an ingredient in the Cherry Syrup recipe for Cherry Phosphate found on Art of Drink. (No, I haven’t tried it yet!)

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