Botanicals for Bitters

At That’s the Spirit, we pride ourselves on the botanical ingredients we offer for the home bitters maker. Many recipe only call for a few teaspoons (at most) of the key herbs and spices, so we offer small quantities of a variety of products through our Etsy shop.

Botanicals for Bitters
Botanicals for Bitters

A Bit about Botanicals

We are working to provide additional background and historical information for our botanicals.

Angelica Root
Black Walnut Leaf
Burdock Root
Cardamom Pods
Chamomile Flowers
Chicory Root
Cinchona Bark
Cocoa Nibs
Dandelion Leaf
Gentian Root
Grains of Paradise
Lavender Flowers
Wild Cherry Bark

Information Coming Soon:

Cassia Chips
Hops Flowers
Juniper Berries
Licorice Root
Marshallow Root
Orris Root